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Meeting in Guangzhou—The 83rd PHARMCHINA


On September 17, 2020, the 83rd PHARMCHINA was grandly opened at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex. As a representative enterprise of domestic pharmaceutical cold chain logistics, CITY EXPRESS participated in this exhibition.


This exhibition invited nearly 2,000 well-known companies at home and abroad, and nearly 300 industry experts to exchange and discuss hot topics in the industry and gain insight into the new future of the industry. After the epidemic, the demand for pharmaceutical cold chain products has entered a period of rapid growth. CITY EXPRESS brought the latest temperature-controlled products to this drug fair to provide integrated solutions for pharmaceutical cold chain transportation for drug manufacturers and drug distributors.


Through the dialogue with visiting customers, we learned that at present, for the transportation and distribution of temperature-controlled drugs, many drug production and distribution enterprises still stay in the express transportation with ordinary incubators and ice bags or the transportation with high cost refrigerated trucks. They know little about the professional medical cold chain transportation services in the market, and are very interested in the overall process of temperature-controlled boxes and cold chain transportation in this exhibition, I really regret not knowing that such a professional company can help solve the thorny problem of temperature-controlled drug transportation.

With the tightening of the current policy and the continuous improvement of the supervision over the drug circulation, the original transportation of crude foam boxes and ice bags will be completely replaced. As a professional pharmaceutical cold chain logistics company, CITY EXPRESS distribution network is distributed nationwide, and a wealth of temperature control products can support a variety of temperature control needs of drug transportation. Temperature control products include: ultra-low temperature - 196 ℃, low temperature - 80 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃, - 80 ℃ ~ - 20 ℃, - 25 ℃ ~ - 15 ℃, temperature sensitivity 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃, 2 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, 15 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ and other temperature zones. All temperature control boxes and temperature recorders have been professionally calibrated and verified to ensure the legal and compliant transportation of each ticket of goods. We can also provide integrated storage services according to the storage needs of customers, complete the storage system, realize the dynamic management of drug storage, ensure the safety of drugs in the storage process and ensure the use value of drugs.

CITY EXPRESS has been exploring innovation, strictly abiding by medical transportation laws and regulations, adhering to high standards of professional ethics, taking the lead in independent research and development of logistics and temperature control monitoring system. Relying on leading temperature control technology and internationally certified temperature control equipment, it has become the best partner of many well-known drug production and R & D enterprises, CRO, IVD and testing customers.


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