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In the Prevention and Control of COVID-19, “CITY EXPRESS" Love Relay to Ensure the Medication for Patients with Rare Diseases


      Due to the epidemic control, a patient with a rare disease in Qinhuangdao was interrupted and urgently needed to take innovative drugs, which will directly affect the continuation of the patient's life.

      Starting from Hangzhou, the "life-saving drugs" span four provinces and two municipalities directly under the central government. With the joint efforts of many local love agencies, at 12:20 a.m. on March 31, CITY EXPRESS “love drug delivery vehicle" arrived at the east exit of Qinhuangdao on the Beijing Harbin Expressway under the green channel opened by the traffic patrol police of the Qinhuangdao Expressway department. The drugs were sterilized on the spot, and the rare disease treatment drugs were successfully delivered to the family member of the patient.

      As a medical logistics practitioner, City Express may not have made earth-shattering achievements, but we have chosen responsibility and responsibility, silently dedication, with our firm and pragmatic attitude, delivering health and happiness, escorting the great health of mankind. [Video transferred from CCTV News] [Video transferred from CCTV News]


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