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"Epidemic" to "spring"


Since March, the epidemic situation across the country has been severe. Jilin Province has confirmed more than 1000 cases in recent days. As a medical logistics person, city Yingji has quickly responded to the epidemic situation in Jilin with the spirit of professionalism, reliability and responsibility.

With the support and cooperation of epidemic prevention and control center of Jilin Province, traffic administration bureau of Public Security Department of Jilin Province and other epidemic prevention departments, it has linked the whole territory of Jilin Province, opened a green transportation channel with efficient, positive and rapid response actions, and made every effort to ensure the transportation of anti epidemic materials in Jilin Province. Work hard at the front line of emergency material transfer in Jilin Province to ensure the timely and safe transfer of medical materials, drugs and samples, and jointly protect Jilin.

The city is eager to accompany all the small partners in the country who stick to the front line of epidemic prevention to believe that the "epidemic" will go and the "spring" will come.


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